It's not everyday that we Texans can wake up to severe fog. I couldn't help but feel the urge to get out in this messy foggy drizzle to try out my new lens I just got the day before. I was dying and if you're a fellow photographer then you know that feeling of utter excitement to go shoot with your new glass! Right? So we headed out in the opposite direction while discussing our trip details to the coast of Oregon and Washington. I then stopped to turn around with the idea of heading to Bastrop, Texas instead to visit the piney forest with all the fog we had. I knew it would make for amazing scenery to test out my new lens. I couldn't have been more thrilled when we arrived noticing all the fog hidden within the pines along with all the gorgeous copper red pine needles covering the grounds. I have to say I am looking forward to our PNW trip even more now just knowing their forest are covered in natural ferns and the likely hood of foggy rainy days! 

We found a perfect park area with a playground but we weren't able to stay long due to the rain picking back up suddenly. Those of you who don't know, we homeschool our kiddos so we do lots of outdoor nature lessons which made this area perfect for showing them pine cones and being able to get hands on and observe them closely. They also found mushrooms and some flowers. They also learned about the pine needles.