Eric + Jenna | Austin Anniversary Session | Dripping Springs Texas

I know these two had the best time in Austin, Texas during their trip. They came to Austin to celebrate their anniversary so when I found out I would be capturing these moments for them I was so thrilled. I love capturing such special moments for couples especially since this was their very time in Texas!

We hiked to a local spot that has been my favorite for years growing up. When Jenna told me she wanted to incorporate something beautiful that would remind them of Texas I knew this place was the place! We hiked down to the falls where we did most of their session. I knew I would have them play in the water for one it was a hot summer day and for two I ALWAYS have my clients splash in the water. It's a fun way for my clients to cool down because after all it's hard work looking comfortable in this Texas heat we have but these two totally rocked their session! 

I had so much fun talking with them about the differences between Texas and Minnesota. It sounded like two totally different worlds!