Alex + Sarah || Tepee + Jeep Hair Fun || Dripping Springs, Texas

When I came across this Tepee AirBNB near me I knew it was going to be insanely fun! Sarah and I crossed paths of Facebook and we knew this shoot was going to happen! I met Sarah and Alex the day of their shoot on location and the energy and easy going vibes set the entire session from start to finish. They informed me this was their first shoot as a couple ever so not only was it an honor to capture them together and their love for one another but we are not forever friends! I’ve had so many photographers reach out asking if I styled them for this shoot and my answer is yes, although it was fairly simple considering they already had the style I was looking for. I believe is was the day before their session that I confirmed the location and address to Sarah when she informed me they would be bringing their Jeep since the road was rough and a little off road. I was jumping in my skin!!! I have wanted to shoot with a Jeep owning couple for quite some time now so this was just a huge bonus to their shoot! We totally had some Jeep hair, don’t care moments!!  

Bellbottoms + Tepees make for a super fun, adventurous session! I’ll be shooting at this location throughout the year a few times so if you’d like to book your own session here reach out to me and let’s get you booked!! Located in Dripping Springs, Texas