Adventure Couple

Justin + Jackie Couples Session | Piney Woods Lovers | Wanderlust Souls Photography

Some of you may know how much I love pine trees, so I've decided I just need to live in a forest haha. This session was full of passion and emotion.  I've known Jackie since middle school and I've captured some of her most special times in her life, her maternity photos, her daughters newborn photos and even a adorable spring session. This session too was special in its own way, these two were kid free for this session so I was able to capture their passion for one another in a very intimate way that I know they will cherish forever. Capturing true love and emotion between parents is one of my favorite things to capture as we don't get time away from our children often. 

I had the perfect dress for this session that when we planned this session I just knew Jackie would wear the dress well and she totally killed it! I mean seriously the romantic mauve color with delicate lace fit her perfectly. The tones were magical throughout this entire session surrounded with the browns of pine needles and warm greens from the pine forest.  

Golden light is what I live for as a photographer and what better way to capture these gorgeous golden tones than filtering through a piney forest. Golden hour is magical and dreamy.

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Eric + Jenna || Austin Texas Anniversary Session || Wanderlust Souls Photography

I know these two had the best time in Austin, Texas during their trip. They came to Austin to celebrate their anniversary so when I found out I would be capturing these moments for them I was so thrilled. I love capturing such special moments for couples especially since this was their very time in Texas!

We hiked to a local spot that has been my favorite for years growing up. When Jenna told me she wanted to incorporate something beautiful that would remind them of Texas I knew this place was the place! We hiked down to the falls where we did most of their session. I knew I would have them play in the water for one it was a hot summer day and for two I ALWAYS have my clients splash in the water. It's a fun way for my clients to cool down because after all it's hard work looking comfortable in this Texas heat we have but these two totally rocked their session! 

I had so much fun talking with them about the differences between Texas and Minnesota. It sounded like two totally different worlds! 

Jarred + Cristina || Utah Engagement Session || Wanderlust Souls Photography

When you have a couple that have pure chemistry and it shows it’s like Christmas for a photographer so to speak. These two were incredible with one another. The laughs were so real and they played like two little kids which I loved! Utah will forever hold a special place in my heart, so thankful to have met this sweet couple! 

Jarred can sing y’all! Head over to Wood & Stone Music to grab his tunes!  

Joshua + Heather || Destin, Florida || Adventure Beach Session || Wanderlust Souls Photography

Wind. Waves. HAWTNESS 🔥🔥 Where do I begin y’all? We headed for the crystal clear waters of Destin, Florida for this adventure beach session. These two are simply amazing their love, laughter and free spirits are freaking amazing! We had so much fun fighting against the waves, embracing the wild wind and playing in the sand. Totally epic! A storm had hit the day of the session just hours prior so the water was pretty cold but we bared it ... anything for the shot ;) 

I’m so happy to now call these two my friends. Heather is also a fellow talented photographer based out of Destin so to capture these for her was truly epic! 

Joshua + Parisa || Pedernales Falls || Adventure Session

Where do I begin? Joshua and Parisa are new friends from a local photographer's group that I had the opportunity to meet recently. I cannot even express the fun that I had at this session. We laughed a lot and this session was full of giggles and just pure love. These two were so in sync you could feel their energy. As a photographer this is what we only DREAM of capturing!

I am so thankful to have met these two love birds and to have shared this experience with them in one of my absolutely favorite nature spots just minutes from my hometown. I can almost guarantee you that if you visit this amazing place with our Texas heat you WILL end up playing in some water!


Emotions + Connections

I am one of those photographers that love to incorporate traditional black and white images that show emotion and true connections between families + couples. I will show you examples of why I choose to make a image black and white vs. color.

I'm a sucker for golden warm tones if you follow my work that's what I'm all about, but there is something about a black and white image that captures the mood of the subject or how a person was feeling. A certain look or movement can tell a entire story in itself with that one image. Not all images are great subjects for black and white but I'm going to give my two cents and show you my WHY for choosing the perfect image. 



Authentic Love

I was worried with the limited lighting we had left for this session but I was so so relieved once I began to upload the files to my computer. Candice + Tanner's session is another proof of just why I love cloudy/overcast skies. The skies add more mood to the images which is one of the main things you may notice in most of my work. 

This session was really special because I had a vision in mind before even shooting this session but I knew Candice was the perfect person for achieving my vision. I wanted a very earthy boho style and that's exactly what I captured. Not only was I thrilled to do this session with them but I went to school with Candice so this was an honor to capture the authentic love of her and Tanner. 

"Where there is love there is life" 

-Mahatma Gandhi

authenticity + emotions + connections

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