Bucket List

Y’all let’s face it, adventures stole my heart long before I knew it. I have always enjoyed traveling and seeing all the beautiful scenery and majestic views of a mountain top sunset. I have made my 2018 bucket list y’all that’s a big deal for me as it’s better late than never haha.

As your reading this your wondering, what does this mean for me? Well let me tell you because I’m so excited I can barley contain myself (seriously y’all if I could show myself jumping with joy I would). I am offering a discount for anyone who elopes to any of the places on my bucket list this year for 2018!! Yup. That’s right you get to elope with your lover somewhere totally epic and I get to capture your amazing love while checking off one of my bucket list travels! It’s a WIN WIN! 

So if you or someone you know plan to elope and need help deciding on a epic location AND you want an amazing discount then take a look at my bucket list below! If you already plan to elope at one of these locations then I WANT TO ADVENTURE with you!!  




• Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

• Olympic National Park, OR

• Ice Castle, CO

• Glacier National Park (Montana) 

• Grand Teton National Park (Montana) 

• Yosemite National Park, CA

• Redwood National Forest, CA

• Sequoia National Park, CA

• Joshua Tree National Park, CA

• Zion National Park, UT

• Alaska (anywhere in Alaska because it’s just that breathtaking)  

• Ruby Beach, WA

• North Cascades National Park, WA

• Cannon Beach, OR


Let’s adventure together, and let me capture something truly authentically beautiful! Email hello@wanderlustsoulsphotography.com




Did you know? Colorado allows self-solemnization without requiring a special form of application or witnesses.

Colorado Ceremony Permit download here


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Let’s adventure!!! hello@wanderlustsoulsphotography.com