Authentic Love

I was worried with the limited lighting we had left for this session but I was so so relieved once I began to upload the files to my computer. Candice + Tanner's session is another proof of just why I love cloudy/overcast skies. The skies add more mood to the images which is one of the main things you may notice in most of my work. 

This session was really special because I had a vision in mind before even shooting this session but I knew Candice was the perfect person for achieving my vision. I wanted a very earthy boho style and that's exactly what I captured. Not only was I thrilled to do this session with them but I went to school with Candice so this was an honor to capture the authentic love of her and Tanner. 

"Where there is love there is life" 

-Mahatma Gandhi

authenticity + emotions + connections

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