We have beaches in Texas but we have never been to another beach other than Galveston, South Padre and Corpus Christi/Port Aransas. I'm talking white, soft powder sand. Beautiful aqua colored water where you can see to the bottom. We don't really have that in Texas, our beaches are compacted dull, wet brown sand. Not fluffy at all unless we make the extra two hour drive past corpus christi to South Padre Island. 

We made the trip from Texas into Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama last summer on our way to our final destination in Fort Benning, Georgia. We were only five hours from Fort Benning so we decided to take a detour so we could step foot into Florida and mark one more state off our travels list. MAN! We were so glad we decided to make the little detour, where we ended up in Gulf Breeze, Florida. We were in pure AWE of the beaches and sand. It was the cleanest beach we had ever witnessed in real life.

We loved it so much we actually planned our second trip back to Gulf Breeze this April 2018, where we will also visit Destin, Florida as well. Everyone is always talking about Destin so we figured we would make the forty-five minute drive to see the Jetties and crystal clear waters.