Hiya! I’m Kristen. I am a Emotive Maternity, Couples & Family Photographer based in the weird, live music capitol of Austin, Texas.

Being a photographer for a living is what I was destined to be all along. Shortly after my oldest Daughter was born is when I really found my love for photography and picked up my hand me down Canon. Not until just last year did I begin finding my voice as a photographer and what spoke to me, what moved me. Capturing the raw and real moments in life is what speaks to my soul. Watching a story, YOUR story unfold before my very eyes is where it’s at for me! I love being able to share the emotion and connection I see through my lens to others when they see my images. Kristen is a Nationally Published and Featured Photographer.

I’m a stay at home parent of three living a minimal lifestyle. I’m all about road trips and seeing new places. There is so much beauty in this world and I intend on discovering and documenting it any chance I get. I travel to the Rockies several times throughout the year and enjoy the white sandy beaches of Florida too. You can find me hugging a pine tree every once in a while or feeding my addiction to pickles haha. Seriously though not kidding about that one. I love a good time, laughter and new friends!