You can often find me wandering in the outdoors, with other earthy people and going on many adventures. My personality is very visual, yet laid back. I tend to be a wanderer myself so I can adapt to any type of session! My husband is my fishing partner of 10 years and we are raising our three girls, chickens and our border collie Miley in Texas! My weakness is a good homemade peach cobbler and some Jack Johnson. I enjoy outdoor concerts during the summertime and hiking as much as I can in the winter.

I am a self-taught photographer as much as one can be and very passionate in my art when it comes to capturing emotion and connection between families & couples. I took photography electives in High School, that is where I learned to make a camera using an oatmeal can (yes! you read that right haha)and to develop film in a dark room. I was HOOKED! If you love to hike or adventure somewhere spiritually breathtaking then we might be a great fit!


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